The services offered by Ma&Mi to its customers cover all communication processes and project’s life cycle. Today, the tools increase, languages are renewed, client’s needs enlarge,  targets become more liquid. The agency is required to integrate traditional tools with innovative strategic activities. 

Strategy consulting

We like to imagine that every communication project includes a strategic thinking, our job is to identify those success indicators, which will allow us to achieve the goals. Together with the client we share the communication activities through regular briefings, keeping in mind strengths and weaknesses.

Corporate Identity

Company’s image is the first part of its personality, the style used to communicate outside and inside, is what the company wants to tell to its target audience.

Product Advertising and Graphic Design Projects

In an ever-changing world, we assist to a drastic change of communication’s logics, therefore creativity must adapt itself to new forms and languages. An advertising campaign, a catalog or a simple leaflet, are communication tools with two souls: the fantasy one, that evokes emotions and the analytical one, that respects targets and results. We are able to combine both aspects.

Press Office, Media Relation, Digital PR

Today Media Relations Model is very fast and must be able to capitalize traditional and digital tools. Our activities in PR and Press Office area, help customers to position themselves strategically online and offline and to identify the right dynamics to manage the information flow within media.


We organize events of all sizes, from a simple business meeting to shopping center inauguration. We manage the event like a communication tool. Depending on the target audience, customers, business partners, employees we develop ideas and creative concepts, adapted every time and translated into ad hoc initiatives.

Social Media Strategy

The growth of those companies that embrace Social Media as a central part of their strategy, contributed to the opening of a new form of relationship and interactions between brand and consumer. Today, no company can ignore Social Networks potential, but only a Social Media Policy favors a proper engagement of high quality. We support clients to enforce strategy and communication on Socials and Web.

Professional Telemarketing Activities

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Our agency is supported by the sister company VoiceMarketing, which supports companies in business development activities, through the provision of highly qualified direct marketing services to B2B market. Particular attention is given to leed generation activities and trade relations qualification.